Twisted Love

We, as humans beings, need to be able to differentiate blind hatred and genuine love. Sometimes, we get so confused that it leaves consequences.
Find Your Peace.

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Meet The Author

Sashanna Bowen
Author, Twisted Love – Find Your Peace

The first of ten children, Sashanna is driven by the motto “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Her greatest gifts are her son and her grandparents. Sashanna believes there is always a solution to any problem. As a multifaceted person, one of her passion is the untold stories of the physical, emotional and mental well being of women, children, and men. 

This gave birth to “Twisted Love,” which offers psychological support to women, men, and children who have been victimized by child abuse, rape, domestic abuse, teenage pregnancy, single parenting.

Sashanna enjoys helping others and believes in the continuous personal development of others.


This book brought me on an emotional roller coaster as I could see and feel everything that the main character in the novel was going through. The ending was great and I was not anticipating that


Damn, what can I say. Definitely, something you should read especially if been through abusive relationships/ romantic or not. A little short but it tells the story and insight as to the author intended.

Bry W,

Wow. This book is where a lot of persons need to read. This book has a lot of truth to it. Thank you for writing this book.

Buckley Family

The best book I’ve read for 2019, the suspense, the drama and most of all the realness… I was so drawn in by this book it’s as if each character had come alive, I would encourage any and everyone to have a read you’ll never regret it!!! My time and money well spent I was capture, intrigued this book has left an indelibly mark on my mind thumbs up to the Author a job well done

Sam Adam

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Twisted Love - Find Your Peace
Twisted Love - Find Your Peace3 years ago
The twisted love: find your peace app is here . Download it for free and get one and one consultation with the author .#twistedlove:findyourpeace

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